The Best Duck and Goose Hunting Pit Blinds

Concealed Comfort steel duck and goose hunting pit blinds are the heaviest on the market. Each of our pits are constructed with 7-gauge steel, which is 33% thicker than the 10-gauge steel used by our competitors. Designed to provide exceptional comfort for the hunter, our pits measure 5’6″ wide by 5’6″ tall, making them the tallest on the market.

With 7-gauge steel being used, you can rest assured that Concealed Comfort pits will not bend or bow. The patent-pending design includes an 18″ steel flange welded around the bottom perimeter. This flange helps secure the pit.

All seams are welded inside and out to ensure there are NO LEAKS and each pit has a 5-1/2″ water collection system under the floor. This collection system keeps your feet and gear dry.

Experience our duck and goose hunting pit blinds

The following standard equipment is included with our hunting pits:

Dog Box

Steel Brackets


Epoxy Paint

let us customize your duck blind to fit your needs!

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