Pit Blinds

Concealed Comfort Pits

Concealed Comfort’s patent-pending pit blind design starts with a simplistic box design made of 7-gauge steel. The 7-gauge steel is 0.179 inches thick, which is 1/3 thicker than the 10-gauge steel used by most of our competitors. Due to the quality of steel, our pits are stronger and heavier so they will not bend or bow.

Choose from 2 Roof Styles

Our pit designs are identical in quality and size, but we have different styles to choose from.

FLAT (for Added Concealment)
This style offers extreme concealment, allowing you to be invisible with our zero profile waterfowl pit blind. With multi-directional shooting, this design is a wise choice for field installs.

SLOPED (for Added Comfort)
Developed mainly for comfort, our sloped model allows for 6” of added height to the back of the opening, thus allowing the hunter to await in an upright stance while viewing waterfowl. This is an excellent choice for reducing pit fatigue.

With a starting box of 5’6” deep by 5’6” tall, Concealed Comfort Waterfowl Pit blinds are the largest on the market with the following lengths to choose from:

  • 10ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 15ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 20ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 25ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 30ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind

Let us make your duck blind plans a reality! We can customize your duck and goose hunting pit to meet your needs. Contact us today.

All of the Concealed Comfort Waterfowl Pits seams are welded inside and out to ensure the pit blinds do not leak.

Besides the sturdy construction and comfort of the pit, the box structure is reinforced with a flange and gusset system. This system stabilizes and keeps the pit in place.

The flange spans 18″ around the perimeter of the pit. It is engineered to keep the pit in the ground and specifically designed to sink the pit in 100% water with a vertical load of soil.

Gussets are then added at 30″ increments along the length of the pits, and one-to-two at each end, depending on the length. This sturdy skeleton keeps the walls of the pit straight and provides structure to the roof and floor.

Together, these features prevent the pit from popping out of the ground, bending or bowing.

Other Unique Concealed Comfort Pit Features

Our pit has a sub floor water collection system, which is designed to hold the average rainfall during a 60 day duck season (specifically 11 inches). So, if you pump the pit completely dry at the beginning of the season, you should not have to pump the pit out again during that season.

The use of 7-gauge steel (3/16) and our patented gusset system allows us to offer you a lifetime product durable enough to be moved multiple times without damaging the pit.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, dependable and very roomy pit, Look no further ! These guys take pride in making the best pits in the ground. Also very dog friendly. I’ve hunted a lot of pits and nothing on the market compares to these. Don’t be cheap, comfort and durability mean a lot in the waterfowl world today.

Jason Inman, Middle Tennessee


  • Tom Brokaw
    We enjoy the steel hunting pits we bought from Comfort Pits.  The heavy gauge steel has been a real blessing. We had to move 4 pits. They were dug out with an excavator and set on a trailer and moved.  Because of the heavy gauge steel you use to manufacture your pits, it was no problem. No bends, breaks or distortion.  I’m sure that we could move all of your pits every year and they would hold up great.  That can’t be said about all pits. We will be putting more Concealed Comfort Pits in. Keep up the great work!
    Tom Brokaw
    Banner Farm Hunt Club
  • Alex Russo
    Optimizing comfort and ease while maintaining a low profile during the hunt is important to us. That is why we are thrilled to incorporate Concealed Comfort Waterfowl Pits. Integrating the pits will not only broaden our hunting opportunity, but also heighten our guests overall South Dakota hunting experience. The team at Concealed Comfort is top-notch. They are very responsive, professional, easy to work with and friendly. We stand behind them and highly recommend their work to anyone in the market.
    Alex Russo
    Flatland Flyways
  • Jody Graff
    For three years now, I have been exclusively installing Concealed Comfort Steel Hunting Pits. The reason? Because they are hands-down the BEST steel pit blind on the market. The designs, ability to customize, strength, durability, epoxy coating, add-ons, ability to get concealed and the craftsmanship that go in to the blinds are simply the best. Concealed Comfort Pits are top-notch and they deliver, on-time, every time. The thing I've learned through this, is that you can't substitute excellence if that is what you expect out of a pit. If you are thinking about adding a new blind to your arsenal, give Concealed Comfort Pits a call. I can assure you, you won't be sorry. These pits blow away the competition. If you are in the market for a pit, choose Concealed Comfort Pits.
    Jody Graff
    Graff Habitat
  • Darren Bruce, Owner
    It's by far the best hid pit I've ever had.
    Darren Bruce, Owner
    Fowl Rack Outfitters
  • Ryan Cline
    We bought a 15ft pit from Concealed Comfort and it is by far the most comfortable, low profile pit blind from which I’ve hunted. Not only does it have plenty of room to stretch your legs while sitting, it keeps heat inside of it, enough heat to not require a portable heater to keep warm. Being located Northwest Missouri, it is often cold and windy during duck season and I often take my coat off once we get to the blind to hunt. It’s comfortable and it seems to disappear to the ducks! Great material, great craftsmanship, and great customer service. What more could you ask for!?
    Ryan Cline
    Rusty Duck
  • Randy Meyers-owner
    Our members here at Arrowhead Lodge rave over the Concealed Comfort Pits we have added. They are one of our best sources of advertisement and absolutely the best pit we have ever hunted. If there were a better pit out there I would buy it!….there simply is not.
    Randy Meyers-owner
    Arrowhead Lodge Wolf Lake, IL
  • Sam Castleman
    I have really enjoyed my pit. It is very easy to get in the ground. I have really liked not having to worry about it coming up out of the ground. The pit is very nice. Chris is very easy to deal with. If I ever get another pit it will be from these guys!!
    Sam Castleman
    Cedar Ridge Whitetails LLC.
  • Shawn Archie
    What I loved about my experience with Concealed Comfort Pits was their willingness to work with MY wants and needs and never once said “we can’t do that”. The result was a spacious 7 man pit with awesome swivel lids for perfect concealment. If you are looking for quality and custom work, Concealed Comfort is your go to pit.
    Shawn Archie
    SAi Farms
  • Michael G. Schiber
    We absolutely love the new pits we purchased from Concealed Comfort. Great design and lots of room, yet they hide extremely well. We have 4 and will be adding more in the near future.
    Michael G. Schiber
    Schiber Truck Co., Inc.
  • Robert A. Loe
    We installed our first Concealed Comfort blind in the summer of 2015. We were concerned that because of its size we might have trouble keeping it in the ground. We picked one of our top fields and installed it as directed by the pro’s at Concealed Comfort. It worked perfectly! They immediately named it the “Taj Mahal”. It is roomy, solidly constructed, and with the added wood kit it was ready to hunt. Its low profile made it easy to brush and keep camouflaged all season. We are very proud of our Concealed Comfort blind and plan to additional blinds in the next year or two.
    Robert A. Loe
    Slackwater Farms
  • Jim Campbell
    We just completed our second season in our Concealed Comfort pit. Hunting a field with a high water table, we were always dealing with water issues in our old wood pit. We are now completely dry and comfortable. Our custom designed Concealed Comfort pit was absolutely one of the best decisions we have ever made. Thanks again.
    Jim Campbell
  • Chip Wagner
    When it comes to pits, Concealed Comfort truly have the Cadillac. Our 25′ pit is not only great for bringing family members and guests, but provides an amazing experience to our members day in & day out. There really isn’t a product like it around!
    Chip Wagner
    Ol' Blue Farms
  • Rhett Ricks
    The name says it all… concealed comfort. After our first year of installing two new custom Concealed Comfort blinds, we knew what our farm had been missing for years. The result is simply more bag limits! Thanks for a quality product that is “built to last.” The comfort and function of these blinds are unmatched. Have them customize your successes, today.
    Rhett Ricks
    Black Dog Farms, LLC
  • Vince & Shannon
    Thank you for building a quality product. We purchased one of your blinds last year prior to duck season, and after hunting a full season out of it, I must say it is the easiest to shoot from, and get in and out of compared to any others we have ever hunted out of. Not to mention it is built like a tank. We plan on replacing our other blinds with your blinds in the years to come. Thanks again.
    Vince & Shannon
    Rogers Sporting Goods & Great Guns
  • Jason Inman
    If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, dependable and very roomy pit, Look no further! These guys take pride in making the best pits in the ground. Also very dog friendly. I’ve hunted a lot of pits and nothing on the market compares to these. Comfort and durability mean a lot in the waterfowl world today.
    Jason Inman
  • Sam D. Hoeper, Jr.
    In my 60 plus years of waterfowling I believe I have hunted in every type/style of pit or blind imaginable. After three seasons of hunting in our 15 foot Concealed Comfort Pit, it is without a doubt, the most concealed and comfortable pit in which I have hunted. The interior and exterior design is exceptionally perfect. The quality of the steel and paint are top of the line. The exterior skirt design is absolutely perfect. Unfortunately we have had two floods, due to a broken levee, and the blind DID NOT pop out of the ground!! This confirms the design and efficiency of the skirt. It is the only steel pit I have ever seen withstand this water pressure without popping out of the ground. The name says it all- extremely well concealed and comfortable. Our friends who have purchased these pits feel the same. My two sons and I could not be happier and plan to purchase another one as soon as our next location is completed.
    Sam D. Hoeper, Jr.
  • Jared Borders
    We have had three of these pits for the past 5 seasons with no issues.  We couldn’t be happier. I’ve hunted out of all the competition and these guys are head and shoulders better.  You cannot beat the quality and efficiency of this product. Concealed Comfort Pits is great to work with and will go above and beyond to give you exactly what you want. If you want to take your waterfowl experience to the next level, give these guys a call.
    Jared Borders
    Dixieland Waterfowl