Experience the achievement of the Concealed Comfort Waterfowl Pit and see what the perfect pit blind is all about!

Concealed Comfort pits have taken design, reliability, and functionality to another level. They have the styles and custom options to fit any application. When you’re fed up with the status quo, call the guys at Concealed Comfort and see for yourself why they are the best blinds on the market.

Jody Graff - Graff Habitat

When hunting is your livelihood….concealment, quality, comfort, and SUCCESS are key. With Concealed Comfort, none of these are ever a question.
That’s why Habitat Flats counts on dozens of these blinds on our farms, for our clients every day!

Tony Vandemore - Co-Owner & Operator, Habitat Flats

After getting the opportunity to meet the folks at Concealed Comfort and having the chance to crawl around in one of their pits, I anxiously await getting to hunt out of one this Fall. They are set up right!

Jim Ronquest - World Duck Calling Champion

When it comes to thoughtful design, quality components, construction, and excellent service…Concealed Comfort Pits are the underground solution. Multiple design plans allow you to choose a blind that best suits your particular needs. I recommend them. Habitat Flats recommends them. #SubterraneanSuperiority….go to their website to see which style fits you best!

Dr. Ira McCauley - Habitat Flats

Proven Difference

Find Concealed Comfort Pits at the following locations:

Habitat FlatsSumner, MO

Arrowhead Lodge, Wolf Lake, IL

Burns Hunting Club, Marion, IL

Mudhole Duck Club, Orrick, MO

Fowl Rack Outfitters, Mound City, IL

Four Flyways, SW Idaho & E. Oregon

Graff Habitat, Moberly, MO

Big Slash Bucks & Ducks, Holly Gove, AR

Slackwater Farms, Columbia, LA

Fallin’ Feathers, Southeast Missouri

Flatland Flyways, Hecla, SD

Angel Wing Outfitters, Gering, Nebraska