Hunting Pits in Use

Experience enhanced camaraderie while enjoying previously unheard of comfort when hunting out of a waterfowl pit blind. Notice the smiles and headroom as people sit back, relax, and visit in the comfort of a pit designed with you in mind.

The water collection system under the floor, combined with the cantilevered roof, keeps you and your gear dry. This increases comfort and enjoyment of the hunt, especially when the days are lengthy.

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Our Story

As  maturing waterfowlers, the focus was no longer about the kill, but the experience. Our hunting conditions became much more important and began to influence our decision to stay in, possibly missing out on some of the best duck hunting days. We wanted to enjoy the experience of the hunt, not be haunted by it.

The focus was no longer about the kill, but the EXPERIENCE!


Our quest for the perfect pit began shortly after a fantastic hunt. Fantastic ONLY in a sense that we had a limit of birds. We were in a leaky concrete pit, cramped for space and literally soaked from head to toe. Standing in 3 inches of water, we were being hammered with rain which drenched our gun cases and bags. Our fingers were frozen from the same water that caused our gun stocks to swell. We were cold and absolutely miserable! After our pit “popped” out of the ground, we decided we needed something better and started our pursuit for the perfect pit.

Our goals seemed simple and obvious, but we were unable to find a pit that matched our criteria, so we decided to build one. After just a few tweaks to our initial design, we had our ideal pit in two different styles and CONCEALED COMFORT WATERFOWL PITS was born.

Experience the achievement of the concealed comfort waterfowl pit and see what the perfect blind is all about!

Proven Difference

Concealed Comfort Pits is proud to partner with the following locations.

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Habitat Flats 

  – Sumner, MO

Habitat Flats, The Grand 

  – Miami, MO

Cache River Farms

– Beedeville, AR

Flatland Flyaways

  – Hecla, SD

Big Slash Ducks & Bucks

  – Holly Grove, AR

Angel Wing Outfitters

  – Gering, NE

FowlCo Outfitters

  – Garfield County, OK