We have modified one of our pits by eliminating the step up and cutting down the front wall.  What we accomplished by this is that we produced our most interactive pit ever.  By cutting down the front wall, we increased the field of vision while in the seated position.  This allows hunters to enjoy the visual aspects of the hunt better, while staying completely under the cover with minimal movement.  This combination is deadly.  When you pair this pit with our swing seat bracket we provide a high shelf on the back wall for storage, making this our most comfortable interactive pits.

Looking for something custom?

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Custom Pit Hunting Blinds

Concealed Comfort Pits can design a custom duck hunting pit in any requested sizing to fit your specific needs. From swing lids and dog boxes, to wood kits and stair systems, Concealed Comfort Pits has everything you need for a comfortable waterfowl hunt!

Choose from our standard custom features listed below to personalize your pit!

If you’re looking for a feature or option not listed below please contact us.