Concealed Comfort Pits is pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing Iine of custom pit binds. Built as an answer to the never-ending question of shooting from both directions, the “Switchback” redefines the wedge-style levee pit. It is the most interactive pit that we create.

“Switchback” offers a dual front pit with center seating, allowing hunters to see while being seated and easily transition to a standing position for shooting in one smooth motion. The front step up has been eliminated and the roof comfortably elevated allowing better movement and free viewing of the birds in the shadows resulting in more birds in your bag. Want to shoot the opposite wind? Just switch lids and turn around. It;s that simple with “Switchback”.

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Custom Pit Hunting Blinds

Concealed Comfort Pits can design a custom duck hunting pit in any requested sizing to fit your specific needs. From swing lids and dog boxes, to wood kits and stair systems, Concealed Comfort Pits has everything you need for a comfortable waterfowl hunt!

Choose from our standard custom features listed below to personalize your pit!

If you’re looking for a feature or option not listed below please contact us.