Concealed Comfort Pits

Concealed Comfort’s patent-pending pit blind design starts with a simplistic box design made of 7-gauge steel. The 7-gauge steel is 0.179 inches thick, which is 1/3 thicker than the 10-gauge steel used by most of our competitors. Due to the quality of steel, our pits are stronger and heavier so they will not bend or bow.


Concealed Comfort Pits

Our pit designs are identical in quality and size, but we have different styles to choose from.


FLAT (for Added Concealment)
This style offers extreme concealment, allowing you to be invisible with our zero profile waterfowl pit blind. With multi-directional shooting, this design is a wise choice for field installs.


SLOPED (for Added Comfort)
Developed mainly for comfort, our sloped model allows for 6” of added height to the back of the opening, thus allowing the hunter to await in an upright stance while viewing waterfowl. This is an excellent choice for reducing pit fatigue.


With a starting box of 5’6” deep by 5’6” tall, Concealed Comfort Waterfowl Pit blinds are the largest on the market with the following lengths to choose from:

  • 10ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 15ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 20ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 25ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind
  • 30ft Duck Hunting Pit Blind

Let us make your duck blind plans a reality! We can customize your duck and goose hunting pit to meet your needs. Contact us today.


All of the Concealed Comfort Waterfowl Pits seams are welded inside and out to ensure the pit blinds do not leak.


Besides the sturdy construction and comfort of the pit, the box structure is reinforced with a flange and gusset system. This system stabilizes and keeps the pit in place.

The flange spans 18″ around the perimeter of the pit. It is engineered to keep the pit in the ground and specifically designed to sink the pit in 100% water with a vertical load of soil.

Gussets are then added at 30″ increments along the length of the pits, and one-to-two at each end, depending on the length. This sturdy skeleton keeps the walls of the pit straight and provides structure to the roof and floor.


Together, these features prevent the pit from popping out of the ground, bending or bowing.


Other Unique Concealed Comfort Pit Features


Our pit has a sub floor water collection system, which is designed to hold the average rainfall during a 60 day duck season (specifically 11 inches). So, if you pump the pit completely dry at the beginning of the season, you should not have to pump the pit out again during that season.


The use of 7-gauge steel (3/16) and our patented gusset system allows us to offer you a lifetime product durable enough to be moved multiple times without damaging the pit.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, dependable and very roomy pit, Look no further ! These guys take pride in making the best pits in the ground. Also very dog friendly. I’ve hunted a lot of pits and nothing on the market compares to these. Don’t be cheap, comfort and durability mean a lot in the waterfowl world today.