Learn about the BEST hunting pits

Why Concealed Comfort

As passionate hunters, we know that each hunting experience is not always the most comfortable. From all the issues that we incurred over the years of hunting in inferior pits, we made it our mission to give a better experience and fix the problems we saw in other blinds.

Why we're the BEST

You will not find any of the following issues we have heard people complain about from other pits and blinds:

Pits heaving or popping out of the ground.

We individually engineer a flange around the entire perimeter of each pit. This design prevents our pits from heaving out of the ground due to hydraulic pressures of flooded cells and ground water.

Front and sidewalls bowing in due to the weight of dirt back fill.

We introduced a gusset skeletal system to provide structure to the walls, floor and roof of our pits.  This ensures that your pit stays straight and structural after install. 

Pits not holding up to the rigors of being moved

We place the structure of our gusset skeleton vertically, and spaced so that you can dig in-between them to remove all of the dirt when digging out a pit to be moved.  This along with the increased thickness of the metal has proven to be very effective.

Pits rusting into and puncturing easily

Again we use the 7 gauge metal to combat this issue, and when paired with an epoxy  hardened paint (not primer) we have confidence that this will not be an issue.

Pits leaking

We weld all critical seams inside and out.  We also relieve all of our gussets so that the critical seams can be continuous.

Water on floor of the pit

We use an interior gusset skeleton to elevate the wooden floor creating a reservoir to hold the rain water.  Not only does this keep your gear nice and dry, it also reduces the labors involved in pumping out pits as our subfloor is designed to hold the average rainfall during a 60 day season.

Discomfort for the tall, disappointment for the short, and Pit fatigue

We use dimensions that work that provide comfort to all.  We have a step up on our standard pit that allows the short ones to shoot decoying birds.  We have a roof that accommodates head space for the tall.  Again, dimensions that work!

Not enough room and the box feels cramped.

We’ve made the box bigger and wider than other standard pits. It feels much roomier than our competitors. We’ve added width, front to back, to increase roof height for headspace and to keep from being cramped.

Getting wet while sitting in the pit.

We solved this complain by adding a roof. Not only do we have a roof, but we have extended the roof to keep your body dry.

Take it or leave it pit companies not willing to customize or accessorize.

Not us.  If you want it we build it.  We provide a bare bones pit that you build to suite your needs and budget.

We have built a company out of an idea to improve upon the above deficiencies that we recognized from our experiences in lesser quality pits.  Our design and dimensions are well thought out and work.  We use high quality materials and high quality workmanship.  Although our pits are not cheap, I feel that you will find that in the long haul they are the best value.